Nisrine’s passion for early language and literacy lead her to complete a research masters where she developed and implemented a program for preschool educators and families to build language and literacy for all children within everyday activities.

Nisrine has worked with families and preschool educators to encourage all children to interact and connect with language in books and learn about the world. The vision behind “I Have a Magic Ball” was that it could be read with groups of children and with children who may not engage with books just by sitting and listening.

Nisrine wanted to create a story that comes to life, allows children to imagine and interact by throwing, catching, and passing a ball while they read this story.

A ball is something that every child has, and she wanted them to use all their senses – touch, taste, smell, hearing, sight, and movement to develop new words and connect to the joyous world of the written word.

You can find her on Instagram @nisrineelchoueifati.

From the Author

“As a speech therapist, I have been passionate about promoting early reading experiences as a strong foundation for literacy."

"Throughout my career I have met many children who find it hard to enjoy and participate in book reading interactions just by sitting and listening. I have worked with families and educators that want to know more about supporting children to read without it being a struggle."

"My vision is that while reading this book any child aged 2-6 will engage and connect to the joyous world of the written word through a multi-sensory experience."

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