During the story and beyond the book there are so many things to learn, imagine, see and look.

These resources provide so many opportunities to bring learning to life.

Parent and educator reading and activity guide

You will find 13-pages of ideas for how you can use “I have a magic Ball” to develop descriptive vocabulary, literacy, social interaction, imagination, science, and movement skills in children.


Imagine and draw your own character

This activity sheet invites children to imagine and draw their own character from the story. Children can be encouraged to describe their character using their senses, for example, what does it look, smell, sound, feel, taste like?


Using your senses - mind map

This mind map helps children to create and describe and using
their all their senses. Adults can write the words on the mind-map and model it in a sentence.


Using your senses – word banks

The word banks with photos help children to see and learn
new words they can use to describe what they experience with their senses. Children are encouraged to use these word banks when they draw their own character and when using the mind map.


Building print awareness

In this activity children will enjoy matching the illustrated describing words within the story with the book character. Pointing out print and connecting it to what we say is such an important skill for helping children to read.


Building vocabulary and descriptive language

Use the illustrated words from the story to brainstorm or go on a hunt for things in the room that match the descriptions, for example, find something that is “spikey”, “hot” or “gooey”. This helps children build their descriptive vocabulary by seeing, hearing, and connecting words to their environment.


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